8 Key Points to Amazon Echo Music

Key Points to Amazon Echo Music

Simple as it may be, for you to be streaming music you need to know that it is one of Alexa’s key features, largely because it does it so well and that it has so many options.

It needs to be stated that Alexa removes a lot of the friction that used to exist when trying to play music throughout your home work place , or office

It has now got to the point that you no longer have pull out a phone, find the cable to allow you to  connect the phone to the speaker, then troll through your phone to look up the music and then get it to play. Now you just say what you want to listen to and it plays.

One of the great features of the Amazon Echo system is that you can play any music or you can be specific.

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We are of the older generation so we love a mix of 60’s music and some 70’s, along with classical and jazz. So our intsructons will vary , however it is as simple as saying “ Alexa play 60’s music” and we get all of the oldies, a mix of soul music, motown sounds, beatles, elvis and the like form that period in our lives.

We can up the anty and get “ Alexa play R and B music”  and  get closer to today – Alexa will find the radio station that suits and away she goes with hours of music –

That’s one Method or tip about Echo and Alexa Music – Now for some more:

2: Change the default music service

If you use anything other than Amazon’s in-house streaming services, you should take a few seconds to change the default music streaming service.

To do this, go to alexa.amazon.com or open the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android device.

Then go to Settings > Music & Media > Choose Default Music Service. Under Default music library select Spotify or, for radio, select Pandora or iHeartRadio under Default station service.

Now when you play music, you won’t have to specify what service you want to stream the music. However, if you still want to use Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited, at any point, you can say, “Alexa, play [song or artist or gendre ] on Amazon Music.”

3. Find similar music

If you ever get tired of listening to the same type of songs, Alexa can mix things up for you by finding similar music. Say something like, “Alexa, play music similar to Fleetwood Mac.” This works for both similar songs and artist.

4. Create playlists

Recently Amazon rolled out the ability to create playlists with Alexa. There’s a catch, of course. It only works with Amazon’s own music streaming services. So if you’re a Spotify user, you’ll have to resort to building your playlists from your phone or computer.

To create a playlist with Alexa, say:

  • “Alexa, create a new playlist.”
  • “Alexa, create a ‘Road Trip’ playlist.”
  • “Alexa, add this song to myplaylist.”

So far, you can only add songs to your playlist. To rename a playlist, remove songs from it or make any other changes to it, you’ll have to use the Amazon Music app

echo trio , the dot, echo and more

5. Creating a music alarm

With Alexa, you can wake up to music, as well. Music alarms work with Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and SiriusXM. There are several different methods of creating a music alarm:

  • “Alexa, wake me up to The Avett Brothers.”
  • “Alexa, set an alarm to CNET on TuneIn.”
  • “Alexa, wake me up to relaxing music.”
  • “Alexa, set an alarm to rock music.”
  • “Alexa Wake me up to 60’s Music”
  • “Alexa wake me up to Bohemian Rhapsody”


  • 6. Play music across multiple speakers

You can stream music to multiple Alexa speakers around your house, a la Sonos. To make this possible, first, go to alexa.amazon.com or open the Alexa app on your mobile device,

Then go to Settings > Multi-Room Music. Once there, create a group including the speakers you want to play music. Then say, “Alexa, play The 60’s music on [group name].”

  1. Playing your own music

If your music streaming service isn’t natively supported by Alexa, you can still listen to it through your Alexa speaker — you’ll just need to use Bluetooth.

To pair your phone with Alexa, say, “Alexa, pair,” or “Alexa, Bluetooth.” Look for the Alexa speaker in the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Select it to pair and begin streaming music.

  1. Alexa music skills section

Outside the natively supported streaming services, there are also Alexa skills that can play music. You can play everything from ambient and classical music in the public domain

To find new music skills, just browse the Music & Audio category in the skills catalog

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