Amazons Echo Plus Second Generation – Review

Today, we are going to review the Amazon Echo Plus second generation,  The one that I have bought and use daily, hourly and weekly – its all done – setting up smart plaugs, direct launch products at 8am every day, music on tap form the 60’s which I love , kicking it off and adding extra Bluetooth speakers throughout the home  ( 4 of them)

As with the smaller Echo Dot third gen, the story with the new Echo Plus second gen is the same; it now has a new design and the sound quality is great.

Starting with the design, the second generation Echo Plus looks like a stretched out version of the new Echo Dot. It looks like a giant marshmallow, especially in our white coloured variant.

The new model is largely covered in fabric around the sides. On the top is a plastic surface with the four buttons for volume, Alexa, and mute. Around them is a ring of seven far-field microphones and around those is a ring of LEDs.

At the back of the Echo Plus is the port for pluggin in power and an audio jack for connecting powered speakers.

The base is rubberized and there is also a threaded mount hole, similar to the ones cameras have for tripods but narrower. I’m not entirely sure what its purpose is.

The good thing about the new design is the significantly improved build quality. The previous Echo Plus felt flimsy and creaked when held. The new model is sturdy and well put together with seamless construction.

Coming to the sound aspect, the new model features a single down-firing 3.0-inch woofer and a 0.8-inch tweeter. It also features audio processing by Dolby.

In practice, the audio does sound better than the first generation Echo Plus. The sound is warmer and more full-bodied with a more extended bass response. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the extent of the improvement.

Unfortunately, the Echo devices are simply not the best for music, despite Amazon’s best efforts, or perhaps, the lack thereof. Unless you add to it with some additional speakers (Bluetooth) or link it with your stereo as we have done, and it is simple to do – takes less than 2 minutes to connect.

Overall, the new Echo Plus is a decent upgrade over its predecessor. The new design is a significantly better and makes it much nicer thing to have around your house.

Outside of that, the Echo Plus still redeems itself by having a built-in hub for automatically connecting a whole bunch of smart home devices, without needing a dedicated hub for each of them.

That alone makes it worth considering for someone big on home automation. Alexa is also a great voice assistant and the Echo Plus does usual voice assistant duties with aplomb.

Get your Second Generation today – 

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