Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Plus UE Boom and Other Models

$58.87 ( as on 2019-06-15 23:15:29 - Details )


Protect and Stabilize Alexa- Wall Mount It

Designed to Provide Sufficient Distance to Wall Surface – by Wasserstein (Black)

Imported from Japan or USA. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

wall mount for the amazon echo

These wall mounts for the amazon echo are a Great Invention! Gets Echo up and out of the way. Conserves table space. Highly recommended is  this product.

The facts are that Alexa can still hear you from across the room. I have mine mounted on my bedroom wall. I needed to free up space on my dresser and this certainly did the trick. I think the price was very reasonable, too!

A solid metal bracket, this wall mount comes with all the screws and mollys needed to mount to a wall (with extra screw/molly, bless their hearts).

It holds a standard Amazon Echo perfectly with no give (it would work for smaller devices, like the Amazon Echo Tap, but that would look ridiculous).

wall mount for the amazon echo

It gets the Amazon Echo off the kitchen counter where my wife and I could never agree on its perfect placement. if there’s any downside to this Wasserstein wall mount its that the Echo is supposed to be more central, not near walls, so it can better use its multi-directional microphone to pick up voices; that said, since my wife was always putting it too close to the wall, this raised the Amazon Echo up and in theory has it more at “voice level” so hopefully the wall-proximity is more than compensated for.

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